Strategy & Design

Having the right strategy is crucial for the success of any project. At G8 Marketing we ace at researching and identifying strategic options, selecting the most promising design and deciding how resources will be allocated across to achieve objectives. Then we design a concise flexible plan, which is adaptable to the project, and the market needs.


Your insights are primary resources in the success of the campaign. When you get started with our agency marketing and design services, we will guide you through our powerful research and analysis process to make sure your company brand strategy, design, experience and messaging is on point. Whether you are in Vancouver, Toronto or somewhere in between, we are the go-to creative real estate marketing company. Consistent refinements are made to our processes, lead generation, design and company brand experience to deliver nothing but the best to our client.

Product Design Optimization

G8 Marketing strives for excellence in helping organizations design products for the people to love. Working on a diverse range of projects has taught us that there is no such thing as a one-size-fit-all design methodology. Understanding that no two people, opportunities, or organizations are the same, we spend the time getting to know our partners, design frameworks from the ceilings to the floor plans to amenities to maximize the building efficiency and optimization of the units.

Budgeting and Cost Reduction

G8 Marketing identifies and reduces business expenses to increase profits, and it starts with the budgeting process. We create processes not only to manage the budget, but also do planning and preparation to mitigate any potential risks. Risks can set projects back and sometimes even require unexpected expenses. Preparation for these setbacks can save your team time and money. With our relationships with the top-quality suppliers and tried and tested vendors, combining that with the mega buying power generated by all G8 Marketing’s projects, our clients enjoy the substantial savings on every step along the way.

Partner Relationship

G8 Marketing is known for its strong relationships with the real estate industry partners. The main reason being that G8 Marketing only represents the developers not buyers. Our partners understand that there is no fear of competition from our part and so they are happy to introduce us to their clients. The wide network of industry partnership helps G8 Marketing lead the pack.

Home Sales

G8 Marketing’s sales team is skilled not only in target marketing but also receives extensive training on the demographics, products, contracts and more. The team is fully equipped with the latest technology and is thoroughly supported by the customer care staff. G8 sales and service team continuously monitors performance and constantly measures the marketing response and the satisfaction ratings.

Sales and Marketing Audits

It is always a best practise to get an outside perspective on a project. G8 Marketing team utilizes its expertise on the matter and conducts an analysis of what is working and what’s not. It is a discipline that requires digging into the marketing and sales process to look for opportunities, barriers, bottlenecks and trends. The team conducts an audit on sales and marketing campaigns in varying scopes, depending on the client’s needs. The clients get to know of the areas that are performing well, as well as those that are not up to par thus saving hundreds of dollars that get spent on advertising generating no results.

Highest and Best Use Planning

G8 marketing helps the developers to evaluate the highest and best use while deciding on acquiring land and adhering to all regulations and standards. G8 is assisting throughout the development process while providing optimum return by working and planning with local architects. G8 is extremely experienced and has a detailed insight of market situations which results in maximizing the potential of development and productive results.


Since every city, market and project is unique and presents its own challenges, G8 Marketing helps the developer align its goals with the right team for the project. With the knowledge and understanding of the rezoning process and the current market conditions, we at G8 Marketing build successful and attainable timelines that the developer can plan around. G8 marketing utilizes its strong relationships with the municipalities; architects, consultants and the local realtors to make the developer’s vision a reality.