Welcome to G8 Marketing

G8 marketing is a full service marketing team of experienced brand builders & critical thinkers who push the envelope when it comes to marketing strategies and selling end products. Our clients are industry leaders who are bold and brave, and continually strive to stand out from the crowd. That’s why we make experiences that are worth talking about, by creating experiences that make people see the world differently.

Who We Are?

G8 is a marketing company that specializes in residential real estate with a keen team of experienced creative designers, storytellers, filmmakers, brand builders and critical thinkers. Speaking from experience, every successful and iconic building is more than its brick and mortar construction, it is the story of where and who that building is connected to. It is the strategy and branding behind the building that sells the property and connects with people. We bridge the gap between a developer’s building and homeowners that are looking for a place to call home.

What We Do

At G8 marketing we use analytics & reporting to analyze the pulse of the real estate market, examining local and global patterns and microtrends, along with our own real estate experience gives us a clear understanding of the real estate market and what products homeowners are looking for.

Why Work With Us?

Every developer has their own vision for their own company, and we are here to help you realize that dream. Our client’s success is a measure of our success, our commitment, and our investment to our communities to produce products that enrich their lives. We are a full service real estate marketing agency that integrates marketing, technology, design and customized remarkable experience. To us, you are not putting up another building, you are leaving a piece of history and a legacy of your own company.